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Maladinovo is located near most of the biggest attractions of Liptov. You can do it with your own feet on the way to many of them. Only about 10 minutes walk separates Maladinovo from the largest Slovak aqua park, from the breathtaking HURRICANE FACTORY or from the experience of a lifetime, ZOO KONTAKT. If you like an active holiday, try one of the attractions.

Dom hore nohami

HOUSE UP FOOT - 800 m from Maladinov

The house, which was originally built as a manifestation of frustration with bureaucracy, soon turned into a popular tourist attraction. The house is located on the main road to the city, you can walk there along the bike path. The equipment itself is mounted above your heads. Part of the interior is e.g. kitchen, toilet or tables. Especially children will enjoy the children's room with non-traditional inhabitants: Snow White, Dwarfs, Red Cap and Wolf, Mickey Mouse… and since the house is also inclined on two planes, after a while you will get really dizzy in it! You will not find a similar attraction in Slovakia, so be sure to stop here on the way to the aquapark with children!

Zoo kontakt

ZOO KONTAKT - 700 m from Maladinov


It is not for nothing that we have contact in the name: you really have the animals within reach with us. Where physical proximity is not possible for safety reasons, our skilled caregivers mediate the contact with their engaging interpretation.



Water shot, carousel or trampoline, we have prepared the perfect all-day entertainment for children! And not only that: thanks to restaurants and relaxation zones, a trip to us also means relaxation for the whole family.


Have fun with your family at cultural events in the restored amphitheater. Enhance your trip with a performance, concert or discussion evening in the open air!

liptovarena-tmr-c-Juraj-Kriz_TTL (205).jpg

LIPTOV ARENA - 700 m from Maladinov

Exhibition of dragons and trick art, inflatable track and mirror maze in Tatralandia!

You can come to an exceptional kite show and no less interesting trick art show, let the kids go crazy on a giant inflatable slide and try to find the right way in one of the most impressive mirror mazes in Europe!

Fun for the whole family guaranteed!

Opening hours 9-19: 30 (last entry at 18:30)

Aquapark Tatralandia
Aquapark Tatralandia 2

AQUAPARK TATRALANDIA - 300 m from Maladinov

14 swimming pools, 28 slides and water slides, fun attractions, a tropical paradise, restaurants, Wellness & Spa and Surf Waves.


One day is not enough for you to fully enjoy Tatralandia to the fullest. Because it is an ideal place for a multi-day holiday in summer but also in winter for all ages.


During the summer season, young and old can enjoy themselves in 14 swimming pools with sea, thermal and clear water. You will definitely not be bored thanks to 28 water slides and slides, attractions, an all-day program with an animation team or a summer event.


And if it happened to rain, we would meet under the transparent roof of the year-round Tropical Paradise hall, where the temperature does not fall below 30 ° C. And through the special foil of the Tropical Paradise roof, you can sunbathe all year round, in summer or in winter.

The summer in Tatralandia certainly does not end in summer. On the contrary! Throughout the year, in addition to sunbathing under the palm trees, you can hike on 6 water slides, relax in 10 pools, enjoy the beneficial effects of thalassotherapy, regenerate your body in the Celtic sauna world and recharge your batteries with massages, wraps and baths in the Wellness Center.

Open daily from 9 to 19:30, check the current opening hours at Contact our reception for advantageous prices of tickets to Tatralandia. If you do not have a gopass, we will be happy to help you with its issuance and charge the entrance.

Hurricane factory

HURRICANE FACTORY - 700 m from Maladinov

Fulfill your dream of flying! In a glass flight chamber with a diameter of 4.3 meters and a height of an incredible 14 meters, air flows at a speed of up to 270 km / h. However, you fly at a safe height and under the constant supervision of experienced instructors. You do not need any previous experience or special physical fitness. Flying is suitable for all physically healthy people from 5 years of age.

A minute at the Hurricane Factory is the equivalent of jumping off a plane from a height of 4,000 meters.


In addition, Maladinova clients will receive a 10% discount, all they need to prove is with a hotel card.



Virtual Reality, Race Simulator, Escape rooms

What do you long for?

Surfing with sharks, climbing Mont Blanc, or an adrenaline ride on a roller coaster?

Do you want to drive a sports and well-inflated car, get into the shoes of a car racer?

Nothing unrealistic in Paradox.

Take your friends or family and do a race you won't forget. Step on the gas and book your appointment.


Escape rooms

Do you want to experience team adventure and cooperation?

Come and try what is in you and take your family, friends and colleagues from work with you.


GALERIA ILUSIA - 4500 m from Maladinova

ILUSIA is a fascinating world of optical illusions that undermine confidence in your senses. Read the newspaper at the top of the skyscraper, pet the elephant, walk through the land of the lego or make a phone call at the bottom of the pool… this and much more is offered by ILUSIA. The art of optical illusions and 3D paintings will simply take your breath away. You will not believe your eyes in the ILUSIA gallery. Nothing is really what it looks like at first glance!


Open your mind with fun and educational tricks, after which you will perceive reality differently than before. Our gallery offers entertainment for children and adults, in any weather.


AQUAPARK BEŠEŇOVÁ - 18 km from Maladinov

Bešeňová Water Park offers 9 year-round pools and 7 water slides. Sauna world with 6 dry and steam saunas, where you will experience the best sauna rituals. In addition, Bešeňová also offers summer entertainment in up to 18 pools and 13 water slides, in a pool with artificial waves, or in rafts on a wild river. You can enjoy perfect relaxation in the thermal pools with a temperature of up to 38 degrees.

Contact our reception for advantageous prices of tickets to Tatralandia. If you do not have a gopass, we will be happy to help you with its issuance and charge the entrance.

laser arena.jpg

LASER ARENA - 2500 m from Maladinov

Laser shooting in the labyrinth, a collective fun-adventure game that will enchant all fans of adrenaline and active relaxation.

You don't have to worry about getting dirty, playing in a closed, nicely furnished arena. You don't have to worry about pain or possible bruises, unlike paintball, the laser tag is completely painless and safe.

Laser Maze is an exciting game in which you play as a professional safe-robber. You know it from movies like Mission Impossible or Trap.

You have two minutes to climb the 6-meter-long corridor interspersed with laser beams, remove the safe, and return.

Escape room

We will lock you in the teacher's office, from where you will only get if you solve several puzzles and tasks from several subjects, such as physics, chemistry, literature, music education, geography and many other subjects.

1 hour, 11 locks, lots of hidden clues.

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