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In difficult times, we need to stick together. Unlike many others, we have not closed our resort, so we can provide you with accommodation if your situation requires it. Are you ordered to quarantine and try to protect your loved ones or roommates? In Maladinov, we have reserved one apartment house isolated from the others exclusively for these purposes. Find out about our offer and you will find that such accommodation can also be a pleasant time.



Accommodation from 20 € / person / night

The price is valid when the studio is used by one person. The minimum length of stay is 10 nights and you can choose from all types of our apartments. If you want information about larger apartments, contact us and we will prepare a price offer.

Detached apartment house

For the needs of quarantine accommodation, we will reserve a whole apartment house with 13 apartments. We also provide contactless check-in and contactless room service, so we can ensure maximum security and comfort for you and us. 

Minimum stay 10 nights

During your entire stay you have the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of our comfortably furnished apartments. Superior quality equipment, internet connection, TV and exclusive views, where you can draw positive energy.

Room service

With increased security measures, we also provide standard room service for quarantine accommodation at prices such as long-term apartment rental. 

Food from our restaurant

For the entire stay, you have the opportunity to order food from our restaurant Bernard Pub directly to the room at a discounted price.