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We believe that things in life only work when they are done with pure intent and respect for nature. Therefore, we planted Maladinovo in Liptov so that it benefits our guests, but also the location as well. In all our activities, we think of nature and we would like you to be with us, therefore:


I cannot pay for the stay online on the website or through the link you sent me. Where could be the problem?

Make sure that your card limit does not exceed the amount you have to pay and that you have not exceeded your daily limit on the day of payment. Make sure that you follow the bank's instructions and use verification by notification, SMS message, or token - exactly according to the procedure for online purchases of the payment gateway operator as well as your internet banking or smart banking.

Can there be a private beach on Mara? - in terms of ownership, yes, Maladinovo and its partners own the land up to the usual level of Liptovská Mary.

The beach looks different, why do you even call it a beach? - Unfortunately, Liptovská Mara is not intended for recreation. Its status dates back to 1977, when it was prioritized as flood protection with a hydroelectric power plant. This results in restrictions and rules that make maintenance impossible. There are large fluctuations in the water level, which has an impact on the pollution of the beach, and many times the silt makes even access to the water impossible. Despite this, Maladinovo is one of the few places within the dam where you can legally access the water. Also for these reasons, we have built a unique floating jetty here, which always provides a comfortable and safe entrance to the water._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

What is the access to the beach? Why is the path so steep? The path leading to the beach is a natural, gently groomed path with an elevation of about 10 m. When editing, we are bound by the rules for protective forest - Váhu basin management. At your disposal are sunbeds that will increase your comfort on the stony ground and a pier with artificial turf. 

The road to the fire pit and the beach leads through the construction site and is unimproved. The access road is located on non-resort property and is   therefore only maintained to the best of our ability.

You write that you care about ecology, how does this manifest itself?   The foundation is the building itself. The buildings are made of brick, triple-glazed windows are used. Heating is via ceiling infrared panels with high efficiency. The building is therefore very energy efficient. Air conditioning is not in all apartments, other spaces are ventilated either naturally or by recuperation. We use efficient flow heaters to heat water. The paradox is that this very approach of ours hinders some of our guests, but we still stand by these solutions. 

Why aren't all rooms air conditioned? It has to do with our philosophy. We consider air conditioning in Liptov to be an unnecessary element. The nights here are cold enough, the rooms can cool down enough, during the day it is possible to keep it at the desired temperature with curtains. Air conditioners are installed only in apartments that are exposed to the sun all day and are more prone to overheating. 

You don't change the towels every day, why? - Every wash burdens the environment. We change them on request after 3 nights of your stay. 

Can I book a smoking room with you? - All our rooms are non-smoking. For smokers, we have a designated smoking area in front of each building. Smoking in rooms and on balconies is not allowed. 

Can I visit your resort with a pet? – We know how difficult it is to plan a vacation when you have a pet at home. In our apartments it is possible to stay together with a dog up to 10 kg. When staying with a dog, it is necessary to follow certain rules, which we will send you before your stay. Since we have a limited number of apartments, we accommodate pets only after an agreement with our reception in advance.  

It is possible to have a special diet in the restaurant, e.g. for celiacs, vegans or lactose-allergic? Yes, at our Bernard Pub restaurant we are able and willing to accommodate you regarding your dietary preferences. However, we appreciate it if you notify us of your requirements in advance.  

Is the reception open 24/7? Who should I call if I have a problem? Our reception is available 24/7 on selected days of the year. During the spring and autumn seasons, the reception is open during the day. However, you can call our phone number +421914160160 at any time.

What services do you provide in addition to accommodation? We provide catering services in our Bernard pub, where you can have not only breakfast, but also lunch and dinner together with the renowned Bernard beer. Our wellness center will provide you with everything you need for relaxation and regeneration in our outdoor and indoor jacuzzi, infrared and Finnish sauna, beer baths or during a relaxing massage or procedure.

Does the resort have an elevator? No, our resort does not have an elevator. If you wish to be on the ground floor, please let us know when you make your reservation.

How is the heating handled? Our apartments have infrared panels that have great performance and are more environmentally friendly. The heating is centrally controlled, so if you are too hot or too cold, contact us at the reception.  

Is there secure bike storage available? Yes, most apartment buildings have their own storage room for bicycles and other sports equipment or strollers. You can inquire at the reception. The rooms are marked with the inscription "Ski".

Do you have a ski storage room? Yes, with heated ski boot holders and an ozone generator against bacteria.

Where do we put the stroller?  You can leave the stroller on the ground floor of each apartment building, or you can use the ski/bike room located on the ground floor of the apartment buildings. In case of such a request, inform us already when booking. 

What can I use for free in the resort? All our guests have access to Wifi, a children's corner, a children's playground, a ski room, a fireplace and parking.

Is the resort also suitable for immobile guests? The entrance to the restaurant is also adapted for guests in wheelchairs. Access to all other buildings is also barrier-free. The apartments are not specially equipped for disabled guests, the door width is 80 cm.  

Is there a children's corner in the restaurant? We have a children's corner right in the restaurant and we also have a very well-equipped children's corner in building No. 4. We have baby seats available in the restaurant. The children's playground is located right next to the restaurant. 

How do you disinfect the wellness?  We disinfect the water in the hot tubs classically with chlorine, which is the most effective against bacteria and viruses. In the private hot tub in the Superior suites, the chlorine may be more pronounced because the hot tub is covered before guests arrive to keep it warm.  

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