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We believe that things in life only work when they are done with pure intent and respect for nature. Therefore, we planted Maladinovo in Liptov so that it benefits our guests, but also the location as well. In all our activities, we think of nature and we would like you to be with us, therefore:


Sort waste whenever possible. There are two bins in each apartment - one for mixed waste and one for plastic. Containers for sorted waste are located in the Maladinova complex.

We use energy-saving light bulbs throughout the resort, but don't leave them on when you leave the room


Only have towels replaced if absolutely necessary. If you leave them on the ground, we know they need to be replaced.

The showers contain aerators, which significantly save water when showering, we use water from Liptovská Mary to water the lawn. Save water during your activities as well.

You will not find small shampoos or soaps with us. We supplement shampoo dispensers, soap and dishes for each guest.

The kitchen towel is washable and reusable, so do not throw it away after use.

The heating in the form of infrared heating, which we use in Maladinov, is up to 40% more economical than conventional heating.

At breakfast, eat only as much food as you can eat. We try to minimize waste from the kitchen, we feed uneaten food to animals.  

The water here, as in the whole of Slovakia, is drinkable and really good, so you don't have to buy bottled water. Fill your bottle straight from the tap.

After smoking, do not throw cigarette butts on the ground, but in an ashtray located in a smoking area.  

Do not leave rubbish on the beach so that everyone can enjoy the same stay by the water.


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