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Accommodation regulations

1. Upon arrival at the accommodation facility, the client checks at the reception, where he presents a valid identity card (ID card or passport). Subsequently, the reception will issue and hand over the accommodation card and room keys to the client.

2. Every client who is not a national of the Slovak Republic (foreigner) is obliged to fill in and submit to the reception an official form on the registration of the foreigner's stay, which will be presented to him by the reception upon arrival.

3. The accommodation facility may in individual cases offer the client other accommodation than confirmed in the order.

4. The client is entitled to accommodation no earlier than 3.00 pm. on the day of arrival. On the day of departure, the client is entitled to use the room until 10.00.

5. If the client requests an extension of stay, the reception may offer him another room in case of capacity.

6. Night rest is set from 22.00 to 06.00.

7. For accommodation and services provided, the client is obliged to pay the price in accordance with the valid price list of services. In the event that a contract has been concluded between the company Maladinovo sro and the contractual partner, the payment is made in accordance with the agreed contractual conditions. The price list for accommodation services and the price list for additional services are available at the reception and on the website.


8. The accommodation facility is responsible for items brought by the client to the hotel facility as well as for damage caused to stored items, if these items were stored in a place reserved for this purpose or where they are usually stored in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.


9. The accommodation facility is responsible for money and valuables only if it has taken them into custody in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.


10. The client is responsible for damages caused to the property of the accommodation facility according to the valid legal regulations.


11. The client may not move the furniture in the room or in the common areas of the accommodation facility, and in no case interfere with the electrical or other installation network.  The client is not allowed to use their own electrical appliances in the accommodation facility and especially in the room, with the exception of appliances used for personal hygiene (razor, hair dryer, mobile phone charger).

12. Clients are not allowed to take into the rooms sports equipment, equipment and others for which there is a place reserved for storage (eg bicycle).

13. The client has the right to file a complaint in the book of wishes and complaints at the reception and at the same time to be informed about the manner of handling his complaint.

14. Smoking of tobacco and tobacco products is prohibited in all accommodation areas of the accommodation facility, except for places reserved for this and marked with a pictogram. It is forbidden to smoke, especially in houses, interiors and balconies that are part of houses. The violation will be resolved by a contractual penalty of € 50.

15. Clients are not allowed to take inventory of rooms (including towels).

16. If the room key is lost, a fee of € 5 will be charged at the reception.

17. Dogs and other animals are allowed in the accommodation facility only in agreement with the accommodation facility and payment of a deposit and fee according to the current price list.  

The following measures apply to animal accommodation:

- we ask you that the animals in the hotel premises, including the hotel room, are not left unattended by the accommodated guest (owner or accompanying person) for a long time, but only if necessary (eg for transport)

- animals must not be allowed to rest - lie on a bed or other facility that serves      to the guest's rest. It is not allowed to use baths, showers or washbasins for bathing and washing animals,

- inventories used for the preparation and serving of food to guests must not be used for the feeding of dogs and other animals,

- The guest or the owner of the animal is responsible for damages caused by the animal on the hotel property

- If the dog is not reported  it is necessary to pay the price for the dog with a 100% surcharge for the entire stay, or it is possible to end the stay without refunding the payment for unused services.   

18. For safety reasons, it is not permitted to leave children under the age of 10 unattended in the room and other interior and exterior areas of the accommodation.

19. The Client is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Accommodation Regulations and the General Terms and Conditions.

20. In case of violation of the provisions stated in the Accommodation Regulations a  in the General Terms and Conditions,  accommodation facility  is entitled to demand from the client the payment of a contractual penalty in the amount of € 50 for each individual breach of obligations.

21. The accommodation facility has the right to withdraw from the contract for the provision of accommodation services before the expiration of the agreed time according to the provisions of the Civil Code in case of repeated violation of the provisions specified in the Accommodation Regulations, and  in the General Terms and Conditions (especially smoking, noise, drugs, other addictive substances, etc.),  the client is not entitled to any financial or non-financial compensation, compensation or damages.

22. Apartments are cleaned and bed linen and towels are changed on request, after a 3-night stay.  

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