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Monday 4.7. will be Maladin's largest family space festival. Behind the 7 mountains is a festival  weekends throughout Liptov, which are full of fairy tales and fun. You can look forward to a rich program that presents the region, its attractions and beauties. Artists will come to us, we will see the theater and bands will show us. Culture, sports and education in one place. 

Program 4.7. Maladinovo

13:00  Dedo Miro - arrival to Maladinov

13:30  Welcoming guests, calling on spectators, working with the audience

13:45  Freeze Dance Group - Hip hop performance

14:15  UŽ Theater - Confused Fairy Tale

15:00  Competitions for children with grandfather Mir for prizes  

15:40  Comic Theater - Clown show and free entertainment with comedians

16:20  Raspberries Jam - Children's music concert

17:10  Monika Olšovská - Indian dog games

17:30   Calling for a performance

17:45  Theater UŽ - Laktibrada

18:30  Theater with children - interaction with actors

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What is the Za 7 horami festival about?

  family event for young and old

  traditional Slovak fairy tales with happy endings

  entertainment, education and sports in one place

  building love for nature and a positive attitude towards culture

  puppet theaters coming directly to people

  active time in the mountains for activities that strengthen the family

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Come stay during the festival

Book your summer stay during the Za 7 horami festival. As this is a date during the summer season, we recommend that you book your stay directly at the festival venue as soon as possible.

  book your stay in Maladinov directly at the festival venue

  don't think long, summer stays will sell out fast

  choose the apartment that suits you

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